Love Song For The Apocalypse

by Ceschi

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produced by Zach Bitterman
track artwork painted by Katya Andrievskaya

from the album Forgotten Forever to be released on Cooler Than Cucumbers Records

mastered by Deeskee

This song is about trying to accomplish something with your life's work - regardless of what that may be....even if it feels impossible.
The title is a reference to an split album by Johnny Hobo & The Freight Trains and Mantits released on DIYBandits in 2005.


I will never make a dance song
But you could dance to anything
Even the silence that my words bring
Drop it like the apocalypse is burning our city down
Because the apocalypse is happening right now
we don't need no fucking candles
this is a vigil for everyone
and the candles are these fiery towers surrounding us
get low
in this hell hole
wanted to die like a god damn king on a throne
but i'll die alone

All I wanna write's a song to sing
to bring back the dead
and fix everything
until that day i'll remain a complete
failure failure

oh i've stopped writing love songs
but you could call them what you want
you could say every song i sing's a love song
like Crass thought
you could argue that every one of these songs means "fuck the cops"
it probably does
but these words were actually written by all of us
and as i belt these bloody words from the bottom of my guts
i can feel the stomach acid swimming up to the top
of my throat
and I think that I know
that this bitter taste
is in fact
just my last
bit of hope.
im so broke
with the smoke from burnt buildings
choking me
corroding my innards
so slowly.
woe is me
will i fall to the bottom of the ocean buried in moss?
will i rise up to the high heavenly top only to jump off?
even if I wanted to be cream of the crop
this work will be tossed and lost
with books and dreams
in the heat of flames
underneath the rubble of a final devastating holocaust
nobody's boss
and no one's mine
til the day i die
any motherfucker that'll want to come and try
come find me
ima keep this pride
my sleeves are rolled up
working every minute for the fake four
throw it up - sho nuff
thought I told y'all that i been affiliated with some motherfuckers that can make a building blow up
these lips are sewn up
we're watching statues crumble down
as our heros lose
the kids just wanna fuck and drink more booze
not hear bad news
no i'll never make a dance song for their funeral
unless you think that this is one.

All I wanna write's a song to sing
to bring back the dead
and fix everything
until that day i'll remain a complete


released May 6, 2013
words by Ceschi Ramos, music by Zach Bitterman



all rights reserved


Ceschi New Haven, Connecticut

Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) Ramos makes his own version of progressive hip hop spliced with elements of folk & indie rock. Although he has almost "mathy" technical rap abilities he's first and foremost a singer-songwriter at heart. Although one Ceschi song may consist of punk influenced machine gun fast raps, the next may be a quiet folk ballad played on acoustic guitar. ... more


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