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These two songs were recorded directly before I went to prison in September, 2013.

At the time I wrote this
"These are the two latest songs I've recorded and the last I will record for a long time. I really hope you enjoy them.
Thank you ALL for your support during this crazy time.
You have no idea how much it means to me.
Til next time


released December 19, 2015

Track 1 was produced and mixed by Maulskull (
Track 2 was produced by Cecil Tso (, mixed by Gregory Pepper & Ceschi

Mastered by Deeskee (

Album cover by Tim Mannle (



all rights reserved


Ceschi New Haven, Connecticut

Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) Ramos makes his own version of progressive hip hop spliced with elements of folk & indie rock. Although he has almost "mathy" technical rap abilities he's first and foremost a singer-songwriter at heart. Although one Ceschi song may consist of punk influenced machine gun fast raps, the next may be a quiet folk ballad played on acoustic guitar. ... more


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Track Name: Inside
"try try try again"'s easy to say
when your body isn't broken
and your feet aren't chained.
but when you're mumbling "things will be ok"
with a gun to your brain,
things change.
now i just want to control all this rage.
there was a moment in time when i swore to my mom that i'd shoot a cop's face off
or put a bomb in the middle of a federal court house in the name of Trayvon.
when they glue your eyelids to your forehead
and tape your mouth shut you can't say much
so I'm just gonna keep faith in what i love.

oh oh my my
is there anything better that we can ever achieve in this
whole whole lifetime ?
i don't want to be another martyr for a cause
that never
grows grows wide wide
don't tell me everything is gonna work out fine
I could never find the time to design a time machine
or rewind back into a better life
those those bright lights
all they're ever gonna do is blind eyes
only really want to redefine my
life as it sits on this timeline
when i die
I will explode into the night
and take a few stars with me
to show this world
I put up a fight

try try try again's easy to say
when nobody's pulling teeth out of your bloody face
with a razor to your neck watching you suffocate.
"it'll be ok"
that's what they all say.

(inside me) there is a fire that won't stop burning

try try try
i swear i tried my best
but was left on the side of the road with a hole inside my chest
and a heart can only beat so fast 'fore it decides to rest
when it's been so stressed
and it feels like you're fighting for a single breath.
am i becoming an animal clawing away underneath my cage?
expecting to find something better outside of this world when i reach the grave?
when the nihilism sneaks into my brain
will i still keep on trying to convince myself that a human race can change?
lord wont save me
i could never put faith in make believe
so don't go pray for me
need to find the motivation just to get me to my feet
growth has painfully
taught me to lift myself up,
even when i felt numb,
when the tears have welled up
in my eyes,
bruises swelled up.
grow those great seeds.
vines can wrap around enemies.
i don't mind if no one remembers me,
but don't let this fire end with me.
they can try to kill every single goal I've ever had,
i'll just watch and laugh
knowing that all vines grow back.
Track Name: Be A Memory
Be A Memory

Only as free as the laws of nature allow us to be
Wasting another lifetime fighting inevitability
Moments of glory are short lived
Deep breath - take it in
Watched some great men fall feet first into the black abyss,
Fists clenched,
Swallowed by the monsters in their own heads,
Since then
Tried to learn their lessons
But it seems I'm fenced in
Left for dead
Only mimicking actions that killed them

Gregory Pepper:
All my friends are jumping off of cliffs
All my friends are smoking cigarettes
Slow your roll man
Pay that toll man
All The neighbors kids are having kids
Drawings made from paint and fingertips
It's a crooked line so
Just take your time
So take your time.
Follow a path as you walk past the river
up in the morning and get from the giver.

Killing yourself was cool when you were young
You were cool when you were young

But slit wrists did not fix your ills
Not 50 pills
Not window sills
Once you've sucked out all the thrills
You're unfulfilled
You're nothing still
You're nothing still

I want to grow a beard.
I want to fall in love.
Want to learn to appreciate beauty surrounding us.
Nothing is trivial,
Nothing's incredible
Everything's working in conjunction to build the proper mold.

All these days are gathering
Behind us
Bagging fallen leaves
Right now will be a memory
Right now will be a memory

Wanted to become something bigger than me.
Wanted to fight against everybody's destiny.
Realizing every single second I breath is just another stab
before death comes to take me.
Seen loved ones become stick figures and skulls.
Seen stereos get pawned for some drugs.
Now they're gonna lock me up - I'm feeling so stuck -
because I know inside that I never hurt anyone.
This is only one page,
one more day,
feel my growing pains..
watch bones elongate...
splinter through my skin...
hair enveloping my face...
canine teeth puncture through my gum space….
watch me bleed all over every crevice of this place.
watch me prove you wrong - show my life is not a waste.
I gotta give a fuck,
gotta find it some way.
I'm trying to give a fuck,
gotta find it some way.
Some way….

All these days are gathering
Behind us
Bagging fallen leaves
Right now will be a memory
Right now will be a memory